In an Australian-first, the benefits of a new technology in residential aged care flooring are set to be explored, thanks to a new research project to be undertaken by Benetas this year.

The flooring is set to make life safer and easier for residents at Benetas’ newest aged care residence in Frankston, due to be opened later this year.

Entreprise finlandaise fabriquant des sols intelligents et ayant développée le système "Smart Floor" : technologie de soins de santé en plein essor offrant une assistance intéressante aux établissements de soins, maisons de retraite.

Der Einsatz von intelligenter Technik in der Altenpflege gewinnt zusehends an Aufmerksamkeit. Der finnische Hersteller MariCare hat in Zusammenarbeit mit professionellen Pflegekräften eine solche Technologie entwickelt.

How did the company become involved in smart flooring?
It was very much due to political discussions. Governments around the world were facing some big challenges due to the large numbers of elderly people, primarily relating to the finances, staff and facilities that were required to provide a sufficient standard of care.

An interview with Palle Stevn, COO at MariCare, sheds light on his company's Smart Floor systems, a burgeoning healthcare technology that brings invaluable support for nurses in care homes.

Cet entretien avec Palle Stevn, directeur des opérations chez MariCare, entreprise finlandaise fabriquant des « sols intelligents » met en lumière les systèmes Smart Floor : une technologie de soins de santé en plein essor qui offre une assistance intéressante aux maisons de retraite.


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