Through a unique partnership with HLS Healthcare, Hansen Yuncken & Scalabrini Aged Care Village – a residential aged care community located in New South Wales is setting a new standard when it comes to the use of technology in aged care settings.

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Over a period of four years, product specialists and executive management at HLS Healthcare worked closely with Scalabrini to design, implement and commission a large-scale living assistance project that will revolutionise how residents are looked after in aged care facilities.

Todd MacRae, NSW Product Specialist at HLS Healthcare, Nick Stehr, Managing Director at HLS Healthcare, Hansen Yuncken and Scalabrini, worked collaboratively over the lifetime of the project, which is now fully deployed. What started as a general inquiry from Hansen Yuncken developed into a full-scale implementation of both Guldmann Ceiling Hoist and Elsi® Smart Floor technologies.

Once the proof of concept was made clear with a prototype room installation of the two systems, the full rollout of 127 rooms was approved and executed between April 2017 and February 2018.

Programmable smart floors that discreetly monitor movements and detect falls along with ceiling hoists that aim to ensure the comfort and safety of residents are among the assistive technologies incorporated into all bedrooms at Scalabrini Village’s newest facility in Drummoyne, Sydney.

The assistive technology helps the environment to adapt to the differing and changing abilities of residents, says Elaine Griffin, CEO of Scalabrini.

The sensor floor within each bedroom, for example, is programmed according to the clinically assessed needs of individuals. “We are aware of a resident’s capability and how best to support them. The floor can be programmed accordingly so we can ensure we are not being intrusive, interrupting or disturbing their privacy unnecessarily. That freedom, privacy and dignity is important to us.” Griffin tells Australian Ageing Agenda.

Click here to view a virtual tour, so you are able to experience the luxury of Scalabrini Aged Care Village for yourself.

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