The Danish Prime minister and health minister visiting Elsi latest installation reference in the Danish municipality Rudersdal´s new assisted living (Frydenhlom) where Elsi® Smart Floor is installed in all residence rooms.

The project was sold and handled by our reseller SIF-Gruppen A/S in Denmark who installed the Elsi® Smart Floor in 59 dement nursing apartments.

Translation of statement from the Mayor of Rudersdal municipality;

One of the things that caused a particular interest was the sensors located under the floor of the apartments.

Floor sensors that among other things can detect if the residents have been falling.

And even if it is a solution that costs approx. 30000 kr/apartment, the money is well spend so think Mayor Jens Ive.

"It is a technical solution, where the staff can remotely see the residents movement and behavior, so it provides benefits for moving and mobilize the resources," he says

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