The Finnish municipality Kerava, selected the Elsi Care Solution and eLea Fall detectors for their new Elderly Care home with 42 new apartment. Installation is handled by Elsi Technologies Oy, deliveries will take place April 2015.


Västerås kommun har idag lagt beställningpå Elsi Smart golvet for det nye äldreboende "Hälleborg" var alla 120 lägenhet i tre blokker installeres med Elsi Smart gulvet och eLea fall detektorer  i alle toaletter och integrerad upp mot Trygghedslarm systemet.

The Swedish municipality Västerås, ordered the Elsi Smart Floor for their new elderly care home called “Hälleborgs äldreboende” were all 120 apartment in three blocks are installed with the Elsi Smart Floor and eLea Fall detectors installed in all toilets and integrated into the Nurse call system.


TV2Syd har lavet et indslag omkring det nye Plejecenter i Ansager (Varde Kommune), hvor Elsi Technologies har leveret og installeret sit Elsi Sensor gulve i 25 nye plejeboliger.

Danish national TV2Syd bring a story around the new building in Ansager (Varde Municipality), were Elsi Technologies have delivered and installed its Elsi Smart Floor in 25 new elderly apartments.

Osallistumme Terveysteknologia 2015 –messuille Helsingin Messukeskuksessa
7-9. tammikuuta 2015.

Tervetuloa tapaamaan meitä osastolle 6h48!

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Elsi Technologies takes part into Altenpflege -exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

The exhibition take place on March 25.-27. in Hannover Exhibition Centre.

Our stand is situated in Hall 21, stand E 33.

More about Altenpflege on the website

Elsi Technologies takes part into Vanhustyön Vastuunkantajat Congress in Finlandia house, Helsinki, on May 15th to 16th 2014. We have a stand with the demo floor on place number 31. You are most welcome to come to hear the interesting speeches on the elderly care and try out our products at the same time.

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