In our showroom, you will be able to see completely integrated solutions for Elsi and eLsa. We are happy to host viewings for small group as well as large viewings for up to 80 people.


For eLsa, you will be able to see how the solution has been integrated into an actual apartment, while being explained the eLsa Smart Detection possibilities, including:

  • eLsa Cloud User interface
  • eLsa Gateway (with options for wired two-way communication)
  • eLsa wireless fall, activity and burglar alarm detector
  • eLsa wireless Smoke detector
  • eLsa wireless nurse call switch (without batteries)

For Elsi, you will be shown the Elsi Care Solution possibilities, and how it can help professional institutions live up to todays standard of economic effectiveness and service:

  • Elsi User interface (Platform incl. Fire, elevator, port telephone etc. alarm)
  • Elsi® Smart Floor (fall prevention, fall detection, toilet alarm, toilet alarm with timer, Toilet visit alarm, Bed Alarm, Entrance door Exit/Entering, Terrace/Balcony alarm, Burglar alarm, reporting/static reporting, play-back alarm/events)
  • Elsi DECT/ Smart phone systems.
  • Elsi bracelet nurse call with and without RFID
  • Elsi dementia safety
  • Elsi two-way communication
  • Elsi wall mounted fall detector toilets
  • Elsi Bed, toilet nurse call pull-cord.

The showroom is located in Tuusula close to Pohjantähdentie, as well as a short 20 minute drive from the Helsinki/Vantaa airport.

For questions or bookings, please contact info(a)

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