How Elsi Technology Works

The technology around Elsi® Smart Floor is similar to today's touchpads and tablet computers; so it's reliable and safe.

Touchpads operate in one of several ways, including capacitive sensing and conductance sensing. The most common technology used as of 2010, entails sensing the capacitive virtual ground effect of motion on the floor, together with the position of a user´s fingers on the relative position on the operating system's screen.

Elsi® Smart Floor is the operating system; it tracks the motion and position of human bodies relative to their positions on the floor, e.g., in elderly care homes or senior care home apartments, etc.


How Elsi Alarm Works

Being proactive, Elsi® Smart Floor helps the right nurses to be at the right place at the right time.

Various alarm and notifications can be activated in the unique Elsi® UI (User Interface), using different criteria: nurses, individual residents and special times during 24 hours, and are also relayed to Smart Phones or DECT Phones.

  • Fall alarm
  • Bed alarm
  • Bed alarm with automatic light control
  • Toilet alarm
  • Toilet alarm with timer
  • Entrance/Exit alarm main door
  • Entrance/Exit alarm terrace door
  • Burglar alarm

How Elsi is installed

Elsi® Smart Floor is "Easy and Quick" to install either in existing or in new facilities.

The installation of the Elsi® Smart Floor is similar to the installation of traditional linoleum carpets, i.e., it is installed in the same way as the traditional top floor carpets are installed. It is easily and quickly laid, and is fully protected by the top floor carpet, giving it a long life time.


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