How eLsa Alarms Works

eLsa™ Activity Sensing is the latest and newest wireless home care solution; easy to install and user friendly

eLsa™ Activity Sensing is built on a wireless platform. It has been developed to provide a unique solution for private home care and for existing care home facilities with the focus on easy installation (no cables) and with a user friendly interface. Various alarms and notifications can be activated remotely house by house from eLsa User Interface.

eLsa™ Activity Sensing makes it possible for elderly people to stay at home longer, knowing that help is always available when needed, 24/7, 365 days a year. Quality of life is hugely improved by eLsa™ Activity Sensing.

fall detection system

How eLsa is Installed

eLsa Fall Detector is easy to install done with simple tools and no wires required, and according to installation manual included in each packet.

fall detection system installation

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