An interview with Palle Stevn, COO at MariCare, sheds light on his company's Smart Floor systems, a burgeoning healthcare technology that brings invaluable support for nurses in care homes.

The utilisation of smart technologies in elderly care is quickly garnering wide-scale recognition. Innovative solutions are becoming more readily available and affordable, assisting nurses and care staff to provide an even greater level of care as patients and residents enter the final chapter of their lives.

MariCare is a Finnish manufacturer of one of these technologies: 'Smart Floors'. The smart floor system - carefully designed in conjunction with professional nurses - works through sensors that record how patients and residents in care homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centres move around the facilities day-to-day.

The sensors have multiple uses, from detecting to when a patient has fallen over, to when they get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. All of these prompts are then communicated to the nurses' computers or smart devices, allowing them to monitor patients and act as and when required.

Not only that, it helps them learn patterns of behaviour and informs an understanding of how they can prevent any harm in the future.

Operating since 2008 out of Helsinki, MariCare currently offers two sensor technologies like the Smart Floor for use in healthcare and care home scenarios: the Elsi® - the company's primary product, ideal for installation into the floors of brand new healthcare facilities during renovations - and the wireless eLea™ - detectors that can be installed into existing facilities without the need for building renovation.


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