The unique smart floors and fall detectors of Mari Care Oy offer safety and security for the living of thousands of elderly people in Finland and abroad. Our newest product eLeaTM Activity Sensing is welcomed as an excellent system at the Kustaankartano Nursing Home in Helsinki.

Since 2005 the Elsi® Smart floor has been a forerunner in its field. Today Elsi improves the safety and care quality in more than 3000 care home residencies. The benefits of Elsi® Smart Floor are seen in less injuries and clear savings in care costs.

Our newest solution is eLeaTM Activity Sensing system. By detectors and activity sensors it follows the person’s movement, sleeping, eating, going outdoors and bathroom visits. If a person falls down, eLea immediately sends an alarm to an appropriate preselected phone. The nurses or relatives receive remote information if, for example, the resident gets too much or too little sleep, stays all day inside or visits the bathroom very often. An alarm is sent when the individual activity limits are surpassed. eLea is invisible to the resident so it does not compromise the precious feeling of being at home, yet it provides a 24/7 care for the elderly.

eLea provides clear cost savings to elderly care by detecting the deviations from normal daily routines and changes in activity, as well as falls at an early phase. It also saves the scarce resources of care by reducing routine checks and helping the nursing staff to concentrate on the actual care work. Besides that, the system provides tools for pre-preventing care. In home use eLea provides possibility to live at one’s own home for extra three to five years.

Elsi® Smart Floor suits best to new houses or rooms to be renovated. eLea is the best option for existing care and elderly homes. eLea also supports Elsi® Smart Floor in bathrooms, where Elsi is not suitable due to the wet conditions.

Excellect grades at the Kustaankartano Nursing Home

The eLea Activity Sensing system has been piloted since February 2017 at the H-house of the Kustaankartano Nursing Home in Helsinki. In the other departments of the Nursing Home the Elsi Care Solution smart floor has been successfully used for several years.

The wireless and easy-to-install eLea was a cost-effective choice for the H-house, which is not in need of renovation. eLea is now used in eight apartments of the house. Due to excellent user experiences, the system will be extended to all apartments of the department during this fall.

According to the department chief nurse, eLea has become one of the most important tools on helping the nursing staff’s work. Especially in the night shift the nurses find the alarming system useful, as they get information of the resident’s movement, bathroom visits and possible falling. In the morning, it is useful to know when certain residents wake up, so the nurses are there to help them. The nurses are also pleased with the pre-programmable resident-specific activities for which an alarm is given when needed. In school grade from 4 to 10, the nursing staff gives eLea a grade 9.

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MariCare Oy is a forerunner with product portfolio including unique smart floors and fall detectors. We also offer a number of other safety products for elderly care homes to improve the effectivity of care and the residents’ life quality. For over 10 years, MariCare Oy has developed significant innovations helping thousands of elderly people living in home-like environments in a safe and comfortable way.

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