Seminar Presentations

21-22.1.2016 Nordic Seminar of Welfare Technology 


1 dennis

Nordic Cooperation on Welfare Technology
Speaker: Mr. Dennis C Søndergård

2 hanne

What difference does the SMART-floor make?

Speaker: Ms. Hanne Jensen

3 Reidar

Experiences with Implementing New Welfare Technology in a Nursing Home

Speaker: Mr. Reidar Thoresen

4 Emelie

Welfare Technology and Living Environment Adaptations in a Nursing Home

Speaker: Ms. Emelie Ågren

5 Erika
Experiences from a Modern Nursing Home with Welfare Technology
Speaker: Ms. Erika Barreby
6 Timo
Elderly Peoples Services in 2020 - How to meet the Challenges
Speaker: Mr. Timo Aronkytö
7 Lars
Welfare and Technology Innovation in the Municipality of Aalborg
Speaker: Mr. Lars Nøhr
8 Sara
Public-Private Partnership Values in Innovation and Implementation
Speaker: Ms. Sara Øllgaard
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