The Mansikkapaikka assisted living homes for 45 elderly people with Alzheimer's disease were established in Rauma in 2011. The homes use welfare technology to support care work, which allows the homes to provide individual care and safety for all residents. In addition to the assisted living for the elderly, the centre also provides other day activities for senior citizens.

mansikkapaikka retirement home

Service Manager Marja-Leena Saramo tells that thanks to the Elsi® Smart Floor's alarms and movement detection, night staff are able to observe when a resident leaves their room; when someone has fallen over, or when a person spends unusually long in the toilet. In the past, Mansikkapaikka had a nurse in each unit, but now, the new Elsi® Smart Floor innovation has allowed resources to be assigned to individual care work. Marja-Leena Saramo also noted that they would struggle to cope with their care work this well, if the Elsi® Smart Floor was not there to support staff and all the residents.

mansikkapaikka statement

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