Kauklahti's Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens provides a home, over the building's three floors, for 74 residents, most of whom live with Alzheimer's disease. The City of Espoo’s long-term care home, built in 2012, also provides services for the elderly living at home, such as day-time recreation and various musical and art-based activities.

kauklahti alzheimer interior

The regional manager for the City of Espoo's long-term care, Merja Sivula, puts resident safety at the heart of the services provided for the elderly. The Elsi® Smart Floor has been proven to be an excellent addition to care work and has been in use in 62 apartments in the centre from the start. The Smart Floor helps both the staff and the residents 24/7. Practical Nurse Marja-Leena Jousmäki notes that the Smart Floor is particularly helpful for those on a night shift. The timed 15-minute toilet visit alert is used regularly, in addition to the other monitoring alerts, such as fall and movement detection. The application is easy to use, which means that new staff members quickly learn to use the Smart Floor. And most importantly, residents know that the Elsi® Smart Floor will alert a staff member promptly, if something was to happen to them. This means that all residents in the home can rest assured, and the staff is guaranteed a high-quality and safe working environment.

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