The City of Espoo’s Viherlaakso Alzheimer's support centre offers assisted living for people with Alzheimer's as well as providing services to take home. There are 63 residents in the unit, and it is important to monitor their movements to ensure safety. Service Supervisor Heidi Leppänen tells that the most up-to-date care technologies used in Viherlaakso are introduced in recruitment. The smart technology promotes staff and resident safety, because the employees are always aware of the level of activity in each room. In the advanced stages of the disease, people's ability to communicate reduces and the requirement for assistance increases. The Elsi® Smart Floor is much more than a request for a nurse. It can act as a voice for our clients, she encapsulates.

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Service Manager Sirpa Kotsalo emphasises the reliability of the Elsi® Smart Floor and notes how clients can be helped to get up and on the move, if the body can no longer independently send a signal from the brain to the legs. Here in Espoo, we already have previous positive experiences of Elsi® Smart Floors from Kauklahti Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens, Heidi Leppänen and Sirpa Kotsalo tell. A detection of a fall or a resident spending too long in the bathroom causes an alert via the Elsi® Smart Floor to a staff mobile device, which ensures the prompt arrival of help. Elsi has been used here from the very beginning, and it is an important tool. Elsi is particularly helpful for night staff and is a key tool in our first-rate care work, Heidi Leppänen and Sirpa Kotsalo say.

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