Nurmilintu is a homelike assisted living centre in Nurmijärvi in Southern Finland which boasts brightly coloured communal areas and a peaceful indoor garden. The aim was to move the unit, established in 2013, away from emergency alarms and to embrace new technologies there. The Elsi® Smart Floor offered whole new possibilities for monitoring residents' activity levels and falls. This meant that the staff could offer the 40 people with Alzheimer's living in the two-floor centre better and more efficient care. MariCare's Elsi® Smart Floor innovation was easy to adopt, which means that staff were quickly able to adjust to using it efficiently. This provided more flexibility for activities and improved resident safety.

nurmilintu alzheimers care

Nurmilintu has been so pleased with the Elsi® Smart Floor that they are enthusiastically waiting for the extra care assistance provided by the update for night shifts as well, notes Laura Turunen, Director at Nurmilintu Assisted Living Unit, Keski-Uusimaa Social Welfare and Healthcare Joint Authority. Experts from as far as Japan have come to Nurmijärvi to admire the Finnish healthcare technology's newest inventions.

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