The City of Helsinki's Kustaankartano Service Centre provides round-the-clock care for 45 residents. Kustaankartano is a pioneer in care technology and has been promoted in media, and the centre has even been featured in a documentary. Charge Nurse Jaana Pilvinen from Service Centre Eden is an advocate for care technology and already has extensive experience of the impact of the Elsi® Smart Floor on care work. She has worked in multiple centres with Elsi® Smart Floors and says that the system becomes a significant cooperation partner for staff. The most important factor is the calm they provide. The invisible smart floors enable staff and residents to feel at ease. Safety has a hugely positive impact on the entire community, comments Jaana Pilvinen.

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Mark Kanyingi, who works in the unit, says that he uses the Elsi® Smart Floor's activity reporting to promote wellbeing among residents. He points out how easy it is to observe changes in residents' wellbeing and to quickly get a more thorough idea of what’s behind the changes. Residents may be at a higher risk of falling if their medication is not correct or in up-to-date. Staff have been highly satisfied at how easy the Elsi® Smart Floors are to use, for example, when you need to modify the alert areas, and feedback from staff is positive.

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The Elsi® Smart Floor pilot project conducted by the City of Helsinki together with Aalto University between 2006 and 2010 clearly provided the benefits of this solution. Not only were the cost savings in all related areas clear, but also the direct feedback from both nurses and residents was extremely positive and encouraging.

Further study on the effectiveness of Elsi® Smart Floor conducted in 2012 concluded that: The care home unit equipped with Elsi® system is perceived as a more attractive working place by nurses, enabling more time to focus on actual care work attending the needs of the residents.

Nursing staff and relatives reported a more resident oriented care in the Elsi® unit compared to other units. Help being always available when needed is a major contributor to the quality of life.

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