How Elma® Technology Works

Elma® sensor is installed in the upper corner of a room where it has the best view over a larger area (including toilet door and entrance area). A sensor covers a distance of approximately 10m. Elma® communicates via a wired (PoE) or wireless (Wi-Fi) infrastructure with access to a user-friendly user interface. Elma® is easy and quick to install – into existing buildings as well.

Elma® sensor works as a hub via its built-in BLE (Bluetooth) that connects multiple devices, e.g. bracelet alarm transmitter and presence and assault alarm devices from MariCare.

Right care at the right place at the right  time can prevent falls and support Proactive Dementia Care (PDC)

Elmo sensor

Caregivers can watch playbacks of events or a live stream from a single apartment or the entire ward: this function eases the work of night guards by identifying eventual sleepless residents through the remote discreet visual visit overview.

The use of the technology enables staff to spend less time on routine control and more time on care which leaves the staff more available to assist and help in all rooms/apartments.

With Elma®, a more targeted preventive effort can be made in order to preserve and promote the physical, mental and social health of the residents, as well as their functional capacity to provide higher quality of life for as long as possible. Elma® allows caregivers to help proactively at the forefront instead of helping after something has already gone wrong!

Elmo screenshot

Respiratory monitoring system, sleep disorder/apnea and pressure ulcer prevention

Elma® Smart Detection gives you the opportunity to dream bigger....

Imagine if you could obtain information about irregular breathing, sleep apnea, sleep patterns, or prevent pressure ulcers – and all this without a person being in direct contact with a sensor device.

All this and much more can be achieved with Elma® Smart Detection sensor installed directly above the bed.


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