Elsi® Sensor Floor for Cabins


Elsi® Sensor Floor answers on today’s request for senior and other travelers, who need special care. The sensor floor provides proactive care, improving safety and security for the passengers that need support during the cruise. With Elsi® Sensor Floor the passenger motion can be observed and sent help where needed. The caregivers have the possibility to act, if something happens and take the best care of the travelers. The sensor floor is invisible, which makes the cabin look like any other one.

sensor floor for cabins

In cabins, Elsi® Sensor Floor detects passenger movement and indicates when the person has fallen. In case of a downfall, Elsi® alerts for help through a mobile application.

eLsa fall detector monitors the possible fallings in the bathroom area, or if occupation goes over certain limit. An unbeatable advantage for the cruise line is to give their customers the best care and even more.

safety sensor for cabin bathroom
Elsi® solution monitors falls also in bathrooms.


Elsi® Sensor Floor in Lift Areas

Increased Passenger Flow and Energy Saving

Optimizing passenger flow in the lift areas. A convenient and easy way to gather information on the busiest areas of passengers. The most useful way to handle the rush hours and peak times for the benefit of the elevator capacity.

The Elsi® Sensor Floor is capable of identifying the amount of occupancy in front of the elevators by using the capacity monitoring through invisible Elsi® Sensor Floor. With this valuable information the number of lifts can be automatized to the correct floor at the most used times for example during dinner time.

Together with the elevator provider the human capacity information will give an clear advantage to the lift provider to get passengers from the correct floors and avoid unnecessary stops and save energy. The solution assists the passengers to move quickly and easily to the wanted floor even in the biggest cruise yachts of the oceans.


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